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Gillian Lindsay Camps aim to inspire and develop everyone through the sport of rowing; building resilience, a stronger mind and a healthier body

Gillian Lindsay Camps aim to inspire and develop everyone through the sport of rowing; building resilience, a stronger mind and a healthier body.

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GL Camps

Olympic rower, Gillian, is ready to build a whole new rowing community through GL Camps. She loves bringing people of all backgrounds together and is excited to share her favourite rowing locations, coaches and weekly plans with everyone on GL Camps. We’re all set for a summer of fun together!

Gillian Lindsay, Founder

Gillian is from Paisley, a town 7 miles east of Glasgow. She rowed competitively from the age of 14 – 27. Throughout her career, based on the river Clyde in the heart of Glasgow, she made it her mission, indeed a dream, to win an Olympic medal. She went on to compete at 2 Junior World Championships, 5 World Championships and 3 Olympic Games. Gillian used the sport of rowing to go as far as she could on a global stage, which as she often talks about, had to start somewhere! She, and her team, are excited to work with you on the water in some of the world’s most stunning rowing locations.

Gillian Lindsay


GL Camps are development platforms with opportunities to ask, laugh, learn, push boundaries, enjoy building new friendships and so much more. Discover the essence of rowing on GL Camps, hosted in meticulously chosen venues combining outstanding facilities with breathtaking natural beauty. Our locations offer a perfect environment for coaching and effective learning. Each site is a sanctuary; combining safe and ideal rowing conditions, with a rich rowing heritage. We offer top-tier equipment, expert coaching, and an environment that fuels both ambition and personal growth. At GL Camps, every stroke matters to us. Join us on camp for lots of fun!

Camp Sabaudia - Italy

Just one hour south of Roma, Sabaudia is one of Gillian’s favourite rowing locations in the world (and she has enjoyed many!).



Camp Avis - Portugal

It’s hard to describe just how beautiful the area of Avis is, other than total perfection.


Why GL Camps?

Over the past 2 decades Gillian has organised hugely successful, fun and rewarding rowing camps for 40+ students at a time. Her aim is to share what she knows will lead to one of the best rowing week’s of your rowing career to date and she is confident a week spent with her and her team will only fuel the rowing love!

Client Testimonials
"I have been in education for 20 years and rarely have I encountered someone who understands and 'gets' teenagers like Gillian does. She is one of those rare human beings who manages to balance inspiration, motivation, discipline and warmth. The rapport she builds with teenagers is instinctive and unparalleled, and she then asks them to become the best version of themselves, every day. I have seen children transform over a matter of weeks under her guidance, and thanks to the confidence she instils within them; and they will often cite Gillian as the person who changed their attitude, their wellness and - ultimately - their life. She asks much of them, and they give her their all."
Fionnuala Kennedy,
Head of Wimbledon High School
"Gillian Lindsay is a world class and inspirational rower, coach and organiser. Her grasp of rowing technique, training programmes, and the wider benefits that the sport of rowing brings on and off the water mean that any GL camp will be a hugely valuable and positive life changing experience’"
Dr Cath Bishop,
former World Champion and Olympic silver medallist
"Over five years, Gillian's unwavering commitment as WHS's Head of Rowing has been remarkable. She skillfully combines professional coaching with fun, ensuring effective and enjoyable sessions. Her ability to unite parents, students, and staff in various activities, from fitness to fundraising, truly makes her a dynamic and influential figure."
WHS Parent

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