GL Camps

Our Vision

At GL Camps we are motivated to deliver a positive and effective rowing experience. GL Camps aim is to create an environment where young adults can improve their rowing ability and at the same time discover a strong sense of teamwork, personal growth and resilience.

WHS students

Expert Coaching

Gillian’s vision includes providing participants with access to outstanding coaching staff. Our coaches will not only impart technical expertise but will also serve as mentors, guiding teenagers through the nuances of teamwork, discipline, and leadership with huge amounts of fun throughout.

Life Skills

Beyond improved rowing skills, our young adults will leave camp with increased levels of self confidence, self respect and a greater understanding of what it takes to be a team player. We hope our rowers will take away with them increased levels of responsibility beyond any crew rowing boat.

Holistic Development

GL Camps is committed to fostering the holistic development of young adults. Through 5 days of rowing in the sun, we aim to empower participants with not just the physical aspect of rowing but also the mental tenacity to overcome challenges on and off the water.


GL Camps will be a place where friendships are made. Through team building activities, shared challenges and a supportive community, participants will learn the value of collaboration in achieving shared goals.

Our Values


Learning never stops. We are here to teach, support and motivate.


Let us work with you on and off the water and fill you with confidence and motivation.


Learning and understanding are key to personal development, let us work with you and identify how best you learn on and off the water.


As a new or experienced rower, learn more about what your body needs on and off the water.


No one ever said ‘winning’ was easy but we can share all sorts of rowing experiences with you which will help grow your mindset whether in a tough training session or an actual race!

Build Resilience

Ride the highs with us on camp and let’s take on the lows too. Resilience comes from navigating through the tough times.

Gillian's influence extends beyond rowing, teaching valuable life lessons in perseverance and self-belief

Wimbledon High School

Client Testimonials
"For five years, Gillian, as WHS Head of Rowing, has demonstrated unparalleled commitment and excellence. She blends effective, fun coaching with professional, methodical planning. Collaborating as Parent Chair, I've seen her galvanize our community with her dynamic leadership, making her an undeniable force in and out of the water."
WHS Parent
"Gillian's inspirational coaching transformed my daughter's rowing journey, turning initial reluctance into a passion. Her development in confidence, resilience, and teamwork, coupled with medal successes, has been a joy to witness. Gillian's influence extends beyond rowing, teaching valuable life lessons in perseverance and self-belief, even inspiring me to row."
WHS Parent
"Over five years, Gillian's unwavering commitment as WHS's Head of Rowing has been remarkable. She skillfully combines professional coaching with fun, ensuring effective and enjoyable sessions. Her ability to unite parents, students, and staff in various activities, from fitness to fundraising, truly makes her a dynamic and influential figure."
WHS Parent